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What are the variables of the financial and other ratios on Zigloi


What are the variables of the financial and other ratios on gkudi

Find below the various ratios and interpretation of the ratios as below


Financial Self-Sufficiency---------Measures how well an MFI can cover its costs taking into account adjustments to operating revenues and expenses.


Total income


Total expense


Return on Assets----------Measures how well the MFI uses its assets to generate returns


 Total net income

Total asset

Return on Equity---------Calculates the rate of return on the Average Equity for the period


Total net income

  Total equity




Yield of gross Loan

Indicates the MFI\'s ability to generate cash from interest, fees, and commissions on the Gross Loan Portfolio.


Cash received from interest, fees and commissions from loans 

Gross Loan Port.


Portfolio to asset

Measures the MFI\'s allocation of assets to its lending activity.

 Loan portfolio

Total asset

Cost of funds

Calculates a blended interest rate for all of the MFI\'s funding liabilities.

  Interest Expense

  Deposit from the public


Debt to Equity

Measures the overall leverage of an institution and how much cushion it has to absorb losses after all liabilities are paid.




Liquidity Ratio

Indicates the degree to which the MFI maintains cash and cash equivalents to cover short-term liabilities

Cash +Trade investment

Deposit from public

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